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I recently moved to the area and had not had the opportunity to look around for a good mechanic. My car brakes went from good to dangerously bad in less than 24 hours and I needed prompt service as it is my only method of transportation. I first took it to Merchants where they provided an inaccurate and inflated diagnosis with an estimate of $1000 for the overhaul of front breaks. Upon receiving this quote, I decided to walk away in search of another opinion. I spoke with the owner of 495 Towing, Gagik ,on a Saturday afternoon and explained him the previous diagnosis. He told me that something did not seem to sound right and provided a quote for no more than $600 (in the worst case scenario). I brought the car later in the afternoon and it turned out that Merchants had LIED to me. Only the left front side needed an overhaul and not whole front side as Merchants had diagnosed. I confirmed this because the mechanic physically showed me the damage and explained what needed to be done. I could clearly see the different between the left and right side. The final bill came out to be around $360. I HIGHLY recommend this company not only because they are a lot more affordable than other competitors but because of their honesty, care and commitment to quick service for their customers. Unlike the special car-savvy friend that some of us have and would never lie to us, I have never experienced such an honest and caring mechanic. I look forward to using 495 Towing for all my automotive needs.

Amazing service, great mechanic! - ‎Zach‎ 
|My girlfriend and I were visiting DC and our car was broken into the night before we were going to leave, and our ignition switch was broken, leaving us unable to start the car and stuck in DC. We called on a Saturday morning, and he seemed very accommodating, though we weren't sure if he was any different than other mechanics at this point. He didn't make any promises, but said he would try his hardest, and even said he would get us back to the Metro if he couldn't get our car fixed that day. Our tow truck driver (through a different company) told us there was no way we could get it fixed on a Saturday, and that we were wasting our time towing our car the 15 miles out to 495 towing. I wish I could tell that driver just how wrong he was! From the moment we reached the shop, Gagik (the head mechanic) began working hard on getting us out that day. He immediately identified the problem, and must have called at least 10 different places looking for the part. He found it and sent a driver out to get it as soon as possible. Our car was fixed within a few hours of arriving, even though we had almost no hope of getting out of DC before Monday that morning. It's hard to explain, but Gagik truly cares about his customers and it really shows. If I ever have car troubles in the DC area again, I wouldn't hesitate for a second to bring my car to him!

Very impressed - ‎Kathryn‎  
I just happened upon this place, but they were great! Gagik was very friendly -- he even let me use their laptop so I would stay busy. They treated me better than at any garage I've been to, and I actually felt like I wasn't being ripped off. I recommend coming to Gagik. He is a perfect gentleman and as far as I can tell, a good mechanic ;)

Helpful, Honest and Efficient - ‎Courtney‎
I recently moved to the area and was looking to get my emissions testing and state inspection done so I could get my car registered. I did some research online and saw that 495 Towing was conveniently located on my way to work. I called and they were very helpful and accommodating. I went to get the emissions done and I was in and out in a half hour. I had a headlight broken and wouldn't pass the state inspection but they helped me with that as well. They special ordered the light for me and installed it at half the price my dealership quoted me for. It was quick and easy and I was on my way to work in less than an hour and half. They were friendly and honest! Didn't try to sell me extras and made sure I was satisfied! I will continue to go to them in the future and recommend them to friends!

Best Mechanic in the Area By Far!!! -Strokes
Gagik is an awesome mechanic; very straightforward and honest. He arrived as promised and promptly replaced my battery. I had to later go out to his shop in Falls Church where he replaced my corroded battery terminals on the spot. He did a check-up on my Jeep at no cost! Don't hesitate to give this man a call, there's no one else like him around!‎‎

Excellent Service - ‎Scorpio_103176‎
My vehicle would not start and I needed a fast and reliable towing service. I called 495 Towing and they were very professional and eager to assist me. The tow truck arrived within minutes. They brought my vehicle to their shop and were able to tell me exactly what was wrong with my car. 495 Towing provides top-notch service and I recommend them to anyone in need of a good towing service.

Great Service on Superbowl Sunday! -Laurie Davis
We were visiting the DC area for the weekend and our car was broken into overnight. They smashed our window to steal our GPS. We found 495 Towing and they were the only garage open on Superbowl Sunday. They used an emergency glass supplier to replace our window and had us on our way back home to NY. They were extremely courteous, helpful, and responsive. I highly recommend them!‎‎

Best shop in town!!! - Ashley
When other shops were charging me 600% more than these guys did, there is no question they are the best!!! I came in at 4pm with a radiator problem after another chain car shop left me on the side of the road overheating. They welcomed me with open arms and had me on my way within an hour!!! Also, my bill was $60 instead of $600 that the chain was trying to charge me. I'm new to the area but there is no longer a concern of where I'll be heading if I have any more problems!!!!‎‎

Highly recommended -Travis S 
These guys are not your typical garage. They will do whatever is necessary to make you happy. If you are tired of getting jerked around by other mechanics, look no further, head to 495 Towing. Fast towing, quick and thorough work. They replaced a fuel pump for me cheaper than any other garage around. Ask for Gagik!‎‎

Fast, friendly, efficient - jweisbaum 
They got to me very quickly, and when we determined that the problem was a little more complicated (lost key to lug nut - my bad), they got the car back to their shop and got everything fixed very fast. Their number is now saved in my phone.‎‎

2 thumbs up! -Delgado 
As someone new to the area, I couldn't have been luckier to have learned about this place. I was stranded at a gas station and my car wouldn't start. My cell phone battery was dying and my wife found 495 towing online. She said it had the best reviews so I tried it. The quality of service was amazing and a great deal on the price for the replacement of my battery. i felt taken care of. Everyone was extremely friendly and made my worried wife feel comfortable on the phone. I give 495 towing 2 thumbs up‎‎

An Impressed Customer due to Great Service... -elnono90
My car broke down and I was calling many towing services and I found 495 its convenient fast and they took good care of my car while towing it. I felt like my car was in good hands and I would recommend to anyone in need of road side assistance. Thanks 495 Towing.‎‎Prompt & Honest -LouisSpina - Dec 8, 2008 Many Thanks. I thought I needed a tow on a Sunday night to have my starter replaced (when I tried jumping the car myself, it didn't work). Turns out the starter is fine, jumper cables were not capable enough. He started the car and charged a reasonable Price for showing up & helping‎‎

495 Towing is awesome! -sarauva06 
My car wouldn't start one morning. I called 495 Towing and they sent someone out with a new battery within an hour. Amazing! The man on the phone and the two men (one was Gagik, but I didn't get the name of the other) that came to fix my car were so nice and polite. They even took a look over my car and told me a few things that I needed besides the battery. So helpful! Definitely use 495 Towing.

Great and quick service! -Elizabeth 
Gagik was at my place to tow my motorcycle within 45 minutes. In addition, he was able to fix it at his garage-saving me hundreds from a motorcycle shop. Highly recommended!‎‎

Fantastic customer service & auto care - Ashley
Very personable, efficient, and timely service. He fixed my tire quickly, and also went above and beyond to teach me how to change a tire on my own. After a long and stressful day it was refreshing to be rescued by a genuine person. The reviews are what drew me in, so I thought I should continue the cycle.‎‎